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Yeap I jumped out the air plane with no parachute. What do I mean you ask. When I started down this journey I was a single mom of 3 working a full time job. I went into work one day and my  employer told me we where going to swing  shifts. Well I knew this wouldn’t work for me. So I  quit , why you ask because my kids come first. So I asked my self what’s next. From that I decided to follow  my calling on my life and opened Vintage Barbie now mind you I had no job money had run out and my house was up for  foreclosure. With all that nothing stopped me because God told me to move so I did just that and needless to say I been flying every since. But Vintage Barbie is more then a  boutique it’s my ministry. You can come get s dress and word , you can stop by to just pray, talk or laugh. It doesn’t matter to me. I also offer closet  Organization , styling and personal shopping.